When an order or donation is received, acknowledgements are mailed to the customer or donor.

In most cases you will use a standard message that will say thankyou and say something about the delivery and about your company.

The acknowledgement is defined in a template text file named Response.txt. An example is:

Attachment:    c:\sellEbitData\data\QbnFarms.pdf
Subject: Your order from Qbn Farm Products.

Queanbeyan Farm products is dedicated to supplying the freshest and best tasting produce.

We ship by Queanbeyan Express Transport within 24 hours of receiving an order.

Your order reference number is TRANSACTION_ID.

Thankyou for your order.

The Email subject is given at the top and there can be an attachment.

Special text strings can be given that will be replaced by the actual value from the order (here TRANSACTION_ID will be replaced by the actual order ID from the gateway Email). For more information see sending receipts.

You can also use a hierarchy of responses corresponding to the hierarchy of product codes. For example, using the Queanbeyan Farms scenario, you may decide to send a different response if the order was for wine, games or honey. e.g. the file Response_WINE-CAB-04.txt would be sent to all customers who order wine, the file Response_WINE-CAB-04.txt would be sent to all customers who order cabernet sauvignon dozens.

Here is an acknowledgement template for code WINE-CAB-04, which has file name Response_WINE-CAB-04.txt

Subject: Your order for 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

We are proud to announce that the 2004 Cabernet has now won 13 gold medals at Australian shows

and was awarded the trophy for best wine at the Queanbeyan Wine Show this year.

Thankyou for your order.

An order can be made up of several products so there could be several acknowledgements sent. The default response is used if no other files are found.