INPUT folder

To put an Email into the sellEbit system you save it as a file in the INPUT folder. This can be done in several ways:
The sellEbit system continually looks in the folder for mail to process.

Mail placed into the INPUT folder is treated as new mail. There is another folder that is used for older mail when you dont want to send Email to customers. For example when you first start to use sellEbit you will probably export all your old mail from outlook and place it into the oldMailInput folder to load up the database with historical data. Thereafter you use the INPUT folder so an acknowledgement and receipt are sent to the customer and the sale details appear in the list of current orders.

The processing of Emails and the status is shown in the control tab.

control window

The number of mail messages waiting to be processed is shown, as is the number of Emails waiting to be sent (e.g. receipts).
These numbers will usually be close to zero.
Processing can be enabled disabled with the check boxes (and clicking apply). The rate of processing can also be set.

You can also define mail addresses from which mail is to be automatically retrieved. If you have several web sites you could have several different mail addresses.

The parameters to define the mail address (name, password, host) are the same as you would put into Outlook etc to set up a new address.