Queanbeyan Farm Cooperative

The Queanbeyan Farm Cooperative is a family enterprise that uses a single web site to sell the products of several family members. The main output is traditional wool, beef and mutton that is sold through traditional outlets, but wine from the family vineyard and surplus propogated vine rootlings are sold on the internet. Olive oil and honey also come from the property. The great grand daughter of the founder is a graduate of the Queanbeyan Opera School and sells recordings of her performances, and her brother spends his spare time writing software for computer games.

When you use a payment gateway you use a product code for every type of thing that you sell. sellEbit enables you to use a hierarchy of codes. This code hierarchy is used in several places within sellEbit.

The cooperative have adopted product codes which enable them to act on orders and produce reports according to the different types. Hence the starts of the product codes are:

The codes are made up of extra levels separated by "-". Some examples are:

MUSIC-QN The Queen of the Night's Aria from "The Magic Flute"
MUSIC-VCP "Voi Che Sapete" from "The Marriage of Figaro"
MUSIC-BR "Bohemian Rapsody" originally by Queen

SOFTWARE-TEDDY Teddy Bear game

WINE-MIXEDDOZ-11 3 bottles each of Cabernet 04, Merlot 05, Chardonnay 07 and Pinot 06
WINE-MIXEDDOZ-22 4 bottles of Cabernet 06, Cab Merlot 05 and Chardonnay 06
WINE-CAB-03 1 dozen Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
WINE-CAB-04 1 dozen Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
WINE-CABMERL-05 1 dozen Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend 2005
WINE-PINOT-07 1 dozen Pinot Noir 2007
WINE-PINOT-08 1 dozen Pinot Noir 2008

OIL-VIRGIN 10 litres Virgin olive oil
OIL-EXTRA 5 litres Extra virgin olive oil

HONEY-YB Yellow box honey, 1 litre
HONEY-M Manuka honey, 1 litre
HONEY-PC Pattersons's Curse honey, 1 litre

VINES-CAB 100 Cabernet rootlings
VINES-PINOT 100 Pinot Noir rootlings

A small business that sells a small number of products may need only simple one-level codes but others may want several code levels e.g. although the cooperative vineyard produces much the same wines every year, the vintage is significant so wine codes are of the form WINE-description-year.