When an order or donation is received, a receipt is mailed to the customer or donor.

There are two types of receipts. If there is a tax amount a tax receipt is sent, otherwise a receipt for the amount is sent.

The two types of receipts are defined as two text files which you edit for your company details.

The TaxReceipt.txt file could be something like:

Subject: Tax Receipt

        TAX RECEIPT                        TRANSACTION_DATE

        The Queanbeyan Producers Cooperative,
        P.O. Box 1234,
        East Queanbeyan 2620

Received from CUSTOMER_NAME the amount of $TRANSACTION_AMOUNT including $TRANSACTION_TAX tax.


This type of file is called a template, because it defines the basic outline of the Email to be sent.
The Subject: line at the start defines the mail subject line (there is also an Attachment: line in other cases).

Then there are several known text strings that are replaced by appropriate values from the database. Here they are: