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sellEbit is E-Commerce software for small businesses

Web sites that use "Buy buttons" or shopping carts provided by  payment gateways like PayPal.

When a customer provides credit card details and completes a secure purchase, the gateway sends an Email notification to both the customer and the merchant. sellEbit processes these Emails, extracts the contents, and puts the details into a database on your computer.

Other gateway transactions can be handled e.g. XML files.

When an Email arrives for a sale, sellEbit mails an acknowledgement and receipt to the customer and the sale is placed in a list which the merchant uses to track the order as it is filled. Software licences and digital data are immediately distributed.

The Email details stored in the database can be used to: Basic data flow

sellEbit can be used by merchants to handle sales, charities to record donations or customers to record purchases. Digital data can be distributed and software licences generated and sent.

Please follow the link to see some of the ways sellEbit can be used, and then look at the overview of sellEbit capabilities.

The sellEbit system is developed by the Clever Company which has an office in Queanbeyan, Australia.

sellEbit should run on most computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

  ellEbit is free software software hosted on SourceForge. You can down load the software, source code, manual etc from

After downloading, read the manual file sellEbit.pdf in the sellEbit folder. This will tell you:
You can contact us via EMail or on SourceForge.

Check here occasionally for new versions of the software. You can view the changes to the software since the first release.

sellEbit is FREE, so you use it at your own risk.

The first release for some years was in June 2019.